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About GAP

GAP is perfectly engineered to partner with and teach socially conscious corporations, entrepreneurs, non-profits, high schools, and universities how to thrive within the knowledge economy.

We do not teach people what to learn like the traditional education system does, our programming will teach people how to learn.

We are Creative Leadership experts who teach people how to discover, develop, and deliver, their talents in a manner that contributes to the Triple Bottom Line = People, Planet, and Profit.

All of the content providers at GAP are skilled at developing leaders who inspire creativity and leadership in others through their specific discipline.

If you are looking to increase achievement and retention within your organization, please contact us for a complimentary evaluation to identify if our curriculum aligns with your Big Audacious Goals.

Eric Thompson
President and CEO

Eric Thompson is among the elite when it comes to instigating action in others to deliver an "in the zone" performance. He has spent the previous decade discovering and developing high performing athletes, business professionals, speakers, authors, and students. Eric has developed a plan that helps people to synergize their inner virtues, allowing them to discover and fully utilize the hidden strengths that so many people never use – their Brilliance. Whether on the field, stage, or boardroom, Eric’s purpose has always been to elevate the collective Brilliance of the people around him through empowerment. His approach to business is the same as his approach to relationships "identify all the qualities you would want in a great friend, and then embody all of them; people will seek you out." This philosophy is evident and showcased by the caliber of people he attracted to form Global Ascension Productions. Eric will oversee all aspects of a multi-faceted business, although, his passion is to ensure every interaction between clients, partners, team members, and audiences cultivates brilliance.

Dolan Gadoury
Creative Director and Head Consultant

For close to a decade Dolan has been the guy that leaders align with to grow their influence. He has strategically increased many entrepreneurs’ wealth regardless of the economic climate through aligning his client’s virtues with their brand. Dolan has such an authentic style. Dolan’s expression cultivates a unique collaboration with his clients that ultimately results in powerful clarity and focus. This approach has contributed to his reputation of helping successful business leaders find success through significance. After years of being the “behind the scenes” engineer for two of the most successful entities in all of the Human Potential Industry, he is now ready to unleash his highly specialized skill set and partner with Global Ascension Productions. Dolan’s creative vision coupled with his relentless work ethic has positioned him as one of the most influential branding and marketing professionals online and off. Dolan’s love of serving people and developing relationships has made him a master at building communities and engaging audiences. Whether he is producing television shows in Hollywood or leading roundtable discussions with Fortune 100 CEOs, Dolan relates and connects with his audience. As Creative Director, Dolan’s primary focus will be to discover, develop, and position leaders so that their influence is compounded.

Cristina Teyechea
Director of Marketing

Cristina has a proven track record of growing her influence through innovation. She is one of the most creative and practical minds within Global Ascension Productions. Tina has such a strong and developed skill set that she elevates the collective Brilliance of every team she is a part of. Whether as a scientist, marketing professional, author, coach, mother, or volunteer, she brings value to people’s lives. She has always been a talented multi-tasker during college she was a decorated academic and athlete. She takes great pride in serving others and helping them attain new levels of achievement. She possesses an uncanny ability to take a complicated concept and make it simple. As a gifted communicator who is committed to service, Tina is a game changer. She has had a profound effect on GAP as well as the entire Human Potential Industry. Tina has her Masters in Forensic Science which enables her to strategically and scientifically identify niche markets to enter. One of the very few marketing professionals who possess tremendous technical acumen, business intuition, and a gracious demeanor. Get to know Tina, she is a blast to be around and a friend for life.

Jamie Utt
Director of Education and Diversity

Jamie Utt is a brave new voice within our community. He has committed his life to inspiring inner growth within teenagers and young adults. As an experienced voice for inclusion and change, Jamie epitomizes what this organization represents. Jamie has been serving the youth and education market for over a decade and brings a wealth of knowledge, relationships, and insights to the team. Jamie teaches that this nation’s knowledge-based economy demands that we provide young people from all backgrounds and circumstances with the education and skills necessary to become groundbreaking advocates for change. He has studied and understands that if we fail to help all young people discover, develop, and deliver their brilliance, the United States runs the risk of creating an even larger gap between the rich and the poor, which in turn threatens every effort toward justice in this country. Jamie is powerful and moving from the stage yet engaged and insightful one on one, which makes him such a rare talent. He is very focused and capable of bringing the best out in others, which makes him such an influential addition to GAP. He is a gifted author who brings an abundance of knowledge to the ever changing publishing industry. Jamie has his Masters in Education with an emphasis in Urban Education and has a tremendous influence on implementing our cause, The Brilliance Project. Jamie’s contrasting perspective is so valuable to GAP. and our clients, look out world…. Jamie Utt has arrived.