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Dan Jaspersen
Mentalist, Magician, Speaker

Socrates wisely stated, “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom”. Being that our GAP team serves audiences of all ages, we see how wonder and curiosity deteriorates with age. We recognized through our work with visionaries that a common trait all innovators seem to share is their ability to pause with curiosity and stand rapt in awe. We set out to find an individual capable of instigating ingenuity in others, and we sleighed it. Dan Jaspersen, Magician@Play, is a brilliant mind who skillfully navigates his audience on a voyage that disrupts their patterns of thought and challenges them to prevail over their saddled limitations.

Dan’s vast international experience coupled with his extensive background in classical and experimental theatre allows him to communicate with his audience in a manner that is entertaining, thought provoking, and stylish. The true magic of Dan’s work comes from his ability to tell a meaningful story through artistic expression. He has the uncanny ability to create up close miracles at any given moment; but more importantly, he inspires wonder.

Dan’s love of people and belief in possibilities has made him a pioneer of sorts for professional magicians everywhere; he skillfully blends art, philosophy, and theatre into his story telling. Dan’s knowledge of the human mind, his admiration for the individual spirit, and his charismatic personality enables him to take any environment and turn it into an unforgettable magical experience.

Dan’s love of art, culture, and performance developed at an early age, but when he was taught sleight of hand by a retired mobster (such a classic story), it altered the trajectory of his life. In the midst of his “adulthood” as a linguist working in international relations for the Japanese government, Dan took a step that most people believed to be too risky and became a full time professional artist. His ability to manage fear and display courage is infectious, and has been noticed by some of the nation’s leading research universities. Dan has collaborated with and presented to some of the greatest minds in the western United States on issues surrounding human behavior.

If you are looking for an imaginative content provider whose talent and passion will inspire innovation and kick start curiosity through out your community, then align with Dan Jaspersen. To inspire progression you must unleash creativity. Allow Dan to redefine what your organization believes to be Beyond Reason.


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