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Dolan Gadoury
Human Potential Advocate, Speaker, Branding Specialist

For close to a decade Dolan has been the guy that leaders align with to grow their influence. He has strategically increased many entrepreneurs’ wealth regardless of the economic climate through aligning his client’s virtues with their brand. Dolan has such an authentic style. Dolan’s expression cultivates a unique collaboration with his clients that ultimately results in powerful clarity and focus. This approach has contributed to his reputation of helping successful business leaders find success through significance. After years of being the “behind the scenes” engineer for two of the most successful entities in all of the Human Potential Industry, he is now ready to unleash his highly specialized skill set and partner with Global Ascension Productions. Dolan’s creative vision coupled with his relentless work ethic has positioned him as one of the most influential branding and marketing professionals online and off. Dolan’s love of serving people and developing relationships has made him a master at building communities and engaging audiences. Whether he is producing television shows in Hollywood or leading roundtable discussions with Fortune 100 CEOs, Dolan relates and connects with his audience. As Creative Director, Dolan’s primary focus will be to discover, develop, and position leaders so that their influence is compounded.


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