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Eric Thompson
Executive Mentor, Creative Leadership Trainer, Speaker

Eric Thompson is among the elite when it comes to instigating action in others to deliver an “in the zone” performance. He has spent the previous decade discovering and developing high performing athletes, business professionals, speakers, authors, and students. Eric has developed a plan that helps people to synergize their inner virtues, allowing them to discover and fully utilize the hidden strengths that so many people never use – their Brilliance. Whether on the field, stage, or boardroom, Eric’s purpose has always been to elevate the collective Brilliance of the people around him through empowerment. His approach to business is the same as his approach to relationships “identify all the qualities you would want in a great friend, and then embody all of them; people will seek you out.” This philosophy is evident and showcased by the caliber of people he attracted to form Global Ascension Productions. Eric will oversee all aspects of a multi-faceted business, although, his passion is to ensure every interaction between clients, partners, team members, and audiences cultivates brilliance.

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