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Frank Velasquez Jr. ATC, CSCS
Speaker/Consultant and Founder of REV Sports Rehab & Athletic Development

Frank Velasquez has committed his life and all of his virtues to building strength in high performers. For close to a decade Frank served Major League Baseball as a head strength and conditioning coordinator. He invested 16 years into the professional game and was known for cultivating excellence from elite professionals through innovative health architecture. Frank’s proactive philosophy is structured around conditioning the mind with information, the spirit with gratitude, and the body with motion. Frank’s influence and integrity led him to open one of the most progressive sports rehab and athletic development facilities in the country, REV Sports Rehab & Athletic Development located in Pittsburgh, PA.

This move has positioned Frank to share his highly proficient skill-set with a more eclectic audience than just professional athletes. Though thankful for the relationships he has and the experiences the game has afforded him, he is excited to be able to share his love for health and wellness with people ready to attain a higher level of purpose. Whether Frank was wearing the hat of student athletic trainer for the University of Michigan’s Rose Bowl Championship team, or inspiring future first ballot baseball hall of famers, he has always believed that he is in the business of building character.

As an accomplished speaker and consultant, Frank has a passion for providing clarity by debunking popular media driven misconceptions. The truth is that the advances in science come in the form of information, technique, and equipment, not in a pill or a can. These convictions conflict with many decision makers throughout the world of professional sports and he is excited to share with kids, parents, educators, community members, and socially conscious business owners how to design a health program that will position them to fully realize their aspirations. Frank’s diverse experience in the world of elite athletics coupled with his candid, engaging style make him a highly coveted presenter and consultant. If you are wanting to align with a consummate professional who will elevate your organization’s performance while delivering tangible and measurable value, then connect with Frank Velasquez. He is an experienced voice that inspires excellence from world class talent.

Frank lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and college sweetheart Carrie Zarse- Velasquez, who was a diving national champion and one of the most distinguished female athletes in the history of competitive diving. They both are committed to bringing the best out in their son, Kaden.

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