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Joseph Blair
Social Intelligence Specialist,
Organizational Leadership Expert, Speaker

Joseph Blair understands that the purpose of life is not about pursuing success but to matter, to be productive, to add value to people’s lives, to ultimately make some difference that you have lived at all. He has made the transition from working towards being one of the best basketball players the global game has seen to becoming one of the best men that has ever played the game of basketball. Joseph was blessed with incredible athletic talent and a commanding stature, yet they are both trounced by his charitable heart.

As an athlete, Joseph was a dominate force on the court. He excelled as a student athlete at one of the elite collegiate programs in the country, University of Arizona. JB had the honor of starring on four Wildcat teams under legendary Hall of Fame coach Lute Olsen, and developed great character and will under his tutelage. In 1994 his Wildcat team advanced all the way to the NCAA Final Four Championship Tournament, this experience instilled in him a core belief that a focused, aligned, and well assembled team can accomplish the unimaginable. Consistent and deliberate progression led to Joseph being drafted by the Seattle Supersonics and positioned him to have a prestigious professional basketball career internationally.

Joseph Blair’s charismatic personality and humble demeanor has always made him a fan favorite. Weather he was hosting his own radio show, honing his showmanship as a Harlem Globetrotter, or organizing community charity events, he has always generously, graciously, and authentically served his audience. He has innate ability to instigate action in people from the stage, in a class room, or one on one. The stickiness of his content is incredible, people who have previously experienced JB’s work continue to credit his influence in their lives many years later.

In true visionary style Mr. Blair positioned his obstacles from his past as a gateway to his new beginnings. Some minds are able to create themselves despite their disadvantages, Joseph’s ascendence came in the face of much adversity. It is his calling to inspire servant leadership throughout the global community. One of his many virtues is to inspire charity in others. JB’s passion for aligning people through meaning and purpose has evolved into the creation of his newest and most significant venture. The Blair Charity Group is his most recent generosity driven project, it’s purpose is to help other non-profit organizations build a sustainable model that will establish a never going away benefactor. The belief that if one man does something wonderful, others may imitate it is at the core of who Joseph Blair is, it is reflected in both his words and actions…it is easy to understand why the city of Tucson dedicated a day to celebrating his leadership.

What many organizations seem to overlook is the principle that charity begins at home. Mr. Blair can cultivate a charitable culture within the work place which will have a compounding effect on your institutions legacy. If you are looking for a specialist in organizational leadership who can connect and stimulate service in others then align with Joseph and live your purpose with


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