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Justin Lewis
Author, Speaker, Communication and Leadership Development.

As a thought leader and industrialist of human potential, Justin Lewis is a product and embodiment of the principles he teaches. His witty style coupled with his commanding presence allow him to connect with his audience to deliver a compelling and thought provoking experience for any occasion. Whether Justin was on the baseball field playing alongside of or mentoring future major leaguers, negotiating business deals, saving lives, or being a committed father, he has always possessed the ability to lead and inspire others to attain a higher level of personal achievement. Justin earned all conference honors at the highest collegiate level and then decided to give back to the game he loved so much by coaching at a national powerhouse that feeds professional baseball. Little did he know that coaching would ignite a passion inside of him to serve others and dramatically change the direction of his life, as well as countless others along the way. His path to success was unconventional and met with much adversity but what never wavered was his belief in himself. Unfortunately, he was not surrounded with a strong support network or many resources to facilitate his dreams, but he learned how to preserver.

Justin has mentored thousands of aspiring athletes, entrepreneurs, and professionals throughout his career. After proving his skeptics wrong on the field he focused his talents on the business world and success continued to follow. As with most career athletes, he realized that he deeply missed the camaraderie of being a teammate and the fulfillment that working on common goals with a committed group of guys provides. At the same time Justin learned that his passion to serve others was only growing. Adding those two driving forces together, it is easy to see why he became a fireman.

It did not take long as a fireman for Justin to recognize that many of his fellow service members focused so much of their resources on taking care of others that they fall short at developing into the people they are meant to be. He quickly established his organization called Firefighter Self Rescue to change the culture throughout the public service field. Justin’s mission is to inform, inspire, and influence other Emergency personnel/First Responders to invest in themselves first and to work towards developing the “whole” person to better serve their communities.

Justin lives in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona with his wife Amy, a first grade teacher in a low-income school, and their two children. He works at Golden Ranch Fire in Oro Valley and absolutely loves serving Northwest Tucson.


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