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Our GAP team believes that language is the greatest technology. Success within the knowledge economy is about telling a purposeful story. Our content providers are professional storytellers who know how to bond emotion to information so it becomes memorable, resonate, and actionable.

An excellent keynote presentation is achieved when the speaker skillfully emotionalizing information so it renders an experience.

GAP presenters will accomplish this at your event by;

  1. Authenticity
    We understand that for your audience to connect with the curriculum, they must first connect with the speaker. That is not always easy to do from the stage; however, we know that to lead transformation we must first open the heart. GAP presenters are servant leaders doing incredible and meaningful work in the world. They are grounded and have a passion for sharing their expertise in a manner that drives personal and professional expansion in others; your audience will appreciate their authentic expression.
  2. Interested vs. Interesting
    Too many speakers believe that they key to being successful in this industry is by being interesting, we have found that by showing a genuine interest in our clients success we are able to serve their significant needs at a much higher level. Being interesting may allow for a speaker to be entertaining but without being interested in the individual and collective needs of the audience, they will not be able to deliver them to a more desirable destination personally or professionally. Our GAP presenters are in the game to unleash leaders through meaningful connection.
  3. Pro-socially Motivated
    Many speakers measure their success by their ability to sell products from the stage, thus their entire presentation is a sales pitch. GAP presenters generously give their expertise and best practices from the stage in an effort to influence a positive change in behavior that supports the mutually designed objectives you desire for your audience. The content presented will be clear and delivered in a manner that allows your audience to put into action.
  4. Interactive
    Audience engagement is a key component to ensure that your event is an experience that elevates achievement within your community. Our approach is that engagement does not take place in a monologue but from a dialogue. Our GAP presenters are skillful communicators who have perfected the art of creating partnerships with audience members to ensure the content sticks with them and can be used as purposeful redirections for years to come. Our keynote speakers create the space for audience members to take proprietorship of the story so it becomes theirs and they can run with it to lead professional and personal growth.
  5. Learn more about our content providers and their disciplines.

    To set an appointment with Eric Thompson to discuss which of the GAP content providers will be the best fit for your audience please call 520-837-9837 for immediate assistance.