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Leadership Training

Looking to close the Achievement and Creativity GAP?

Do you believe that the best way to drive innovation is through unleashing leadership and creative expression in others? Research continues to demonstrate that continued education and professional development is key to employee engagement and performance.

Well, we do and we have strategically designed courses that empower your creative workforce, increase retention, and move your team from the survival zone to the performance zone.

We are Creative Leadership experts who teach people how to discover, develop, and deliver, their talents in a manner that contributes to the Triple Bottom Line = People, Planet, and Profit.

All of the content providers at GAP are skilled at developing leaders who inspire creativity and leadership in others through their specific discipline.

If you are looking to increase achievement and retention within your organization, please contact us for a complimentary evaluation to identify if our curriculum aligns with your Big Audacious Goals.


Leadership Training Courses

Creative Leadership

This course defines creativity and puts a tangible value on an abstract topic. Participants will learn how to focus their creative energy, develop it, and deliver it in a manner that improves processes, drives innovation, and improves company culture.

Science of High Performance

This course teaches participants the process of High Performance. Participants will learn how to manage and increase their energy, break through mental and emotional blocks that decrease their ability to perform at a high level and understand that effective corporate athletes train like sprinters rather than marathoners.

Survival Zone to Performance Zone

This course outlines the keys to efficiently leading in a globalized knowledge based economy. Leaders are being asked to increase achievement while resources are reduced. This course will leave participants with a clear understanding on what qualities to improve in themselves and how they translate in a globalized market, and how to inspire continued growth in those that they lead. Participants will have a personalized training regiment in place that will deliver take them from the Survival Zone to the Performance Zone.

A Specific Mind

This course teaches advanced learning methods, stress management, and relaxation techniques in a manner that will increase the corporate athlete’s focus and engagement.

Lifestyle Training for the Corporate Athlete

Health and wellness are critical components that are directly connected to achievement and retention. This course teaches participants the four quadrants of health-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and how they all work together. Participants will leave with a system in place that will provide clarity and balance in a chaotic world and increase energy and longevity.


This course is all things brain health. The principals taught in this training are proven to improve mental performance in the short-term while staving off dementia, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating diseases later on in life. The course masterfully simplifies a complex discipline for the corporate athlete and delivers tools that will increase engagement, focus, productivity, creativity while decreasing sick days and lack luster performance.

Culture of Creative Confidence

This course teaches how to cultivate a culture in which people willingly contribute creatively to their organization. The difference between an organization complied of individuals who say, “That is not my job” and teams that master the cross-functional process is culture. Research shows that a balance between Pro-Social Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation is critical to an organization’s sustainability within the globalized knowledge economy. Participants will leave with advanced communication skills, a deeper appreciation for their individual expression, and how their contributions elevate the collective brilliance of their community.

People Smarts

This course focuses on the science of Social Intelligence and how it is a skill that must be developed within a globalized economy. Products and services that lack human connection will be outsourced or automated. Developing meaningful relationships is key to individual and organizational sustainability. Participants will leave with tangible skills that will improve their ability to connect with others rather than just communicate.

Ethics for Everyone

Leading a diverse workforce within a global market is not a choice, it is a reality. Innovative leaders are able to educe creative expression and leadership from all of their team members, regardless of their cultural background. This course will teach leaders how to build on commonalities, appreciate differences, and communicate inclusively in an effort to contribute the Triple Bottom Line.

Emotional Intelligence of a Leader

This course focuses on the science behind Emotional Intelligence and how effective leaders manage their emotions in a way that allows them to respond purposefully to situations rather than react emotionally. Participants will leave this course with a clear understanding about how influential their actions are and a plan full of best practices that will lead to emotional growth and fulfillment.

The Evolution of Service

Creating a balance between serving the needs of others and attending to intrinsic needs is one of the most difficult challenges for people in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are people who skillfully take the credit for the work of others and people who really struggle at self-promotion, this type of culture kills the innovative spirit. Participants in this course will learn the importance of investing in themselves and how that process will allow them to contribute at a more meaningful and sustainable level.

Culture of Civility

Too often we treat bullying as a general problem that requires general solutions, The approach to this course is based on research that says in order to solve the problem of bullying, we have to address the fact that specific team members are targeted because of specific aspects of their identity. If you want to improve the social norm of your organization, one of the most influential ways to accomplish that is by providing your employees the tools to be the change they wish to see. UPstander intervention training will give your team the necessary skills to change the climate, increase achievement and improve retention.

Engender Respect

Competence counts, but what ultimately distinguishes an influential and successful leader from the mediocre manager is the depth of their inner qualities. Some of these qualities may be difficult to define but are essential to creating success. Personal example is the most powerful human resource available to lead an organization. This course will teach leaders how to cultivate a culture of respect and trust. Participants will learn how to combine personal humility (demonstrating restraint and modesty) with tenacity and the professional will to skillfully lead people and projects.

The Intrinsic Leader

We know that in this rapidly changing economy Upper Management cannot be in all places at all times. The evolution of leadership has moved away from the old school way of motivating people through tangible outcomes or punitive measures and now demands that employees possess strong self-management principals. This course will reconnect your employees to their purpose and give them the skills to move them closer to becoming the leader they were designed to be.

The Empowered Introvert

Leadership is often associated with an extroverted personality. Putting the wrong person in place because they talk a good game but fail to influence leadership and creative expression in others has stung many organizations. Recent research is showing a trend that the qualities associated with an introverted or ambiverted personality positively influence the Triple Bottom Line. This course will teach leaders how to tap into the creative brilliance of their quieter contributors and improve environmental conditions to maximize potential for all team members regardless of where they fall on the introversion/extroversion scale.

Perspective Taking and Pro-Social Motivation Training

Empathy is the oil that keeps all relationships running smoothly. It is also the key to innovation. The only way to deliver your customer to a more desirable destination is through looking at the world through their eyes and then applying your specific skill set to solve the problems they face. This course focuses on problem solving through empathy development. Research shows that empathy is a skill that can be developed. As your leaders improve their ability to take the perspective of those in which they lead and serve, your organization will increase achievement, improve retention, and drive innovation.

Blur the Line

Human’s are extremely advanced computers, with incredible potential. The challenge is breaking out of our comfort zone and creating a daily routine that allows us to fully realize what we are capable of. This course is will challenge leaders to break through restraints that limit their performance. Participants will learn creativity techniques, improve learning skills, and improve problem-solving skills while recapturing some of their self-belief that they have lost along the way.