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Leon QuanLeon Quan
Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Creative Consultant

Always spectacular, Leon Quan electrifies audiences across the nation. His humor and poignant insight make him one of the most relevant communicators today. Having produced four inspirational CDs, hosted radio shows and promoted rock concerts, Leon demonstrates a passionate commitment to connect with, empower and challenge his listeners. With over 20 years of experience, Leon has fashioned his delivery for impact. Audiences of all ages relate and engage when Leon takes the microphone.

As the founder of Quan Presentations, Leon created a leadership alliance with the most brilliant, creative, and passionate group of people that served audiences all over the world. His ability to lead highly focused professionals towards collaboration over competition, inspired the creation of Global Ascension Productions.

Turning tragedy into life-affirming lessons

When Leon was 18, his brother was the triggerman in a highly publicized freeway shooting that took the life of a woman and her unborn child. His brother, who was convicted of first-degree murder, is serving a life sentence in prison. Just as his family began to work through the complex emotions that accompanied this tragedy, Leon’s father was killed in a motorcycle accident.

These experiences would rock anyone to their core and make them question their existence. The reoccurring theme in Leon’s life is resilience. He is driven to share his story so others can discover theirs.

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