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Market Research

GAP was built on our ability to connect with and add value to our client’s purpose. Every program we create is constructed by keeping our end user in mind. At the core of every influential leader we have worked with, lies empathy. Innovative business leaders are able to anticipate their client’s needs before their clients are even aware of them.

Our experts have extensively studied the behaviors of the most successful executives who consistently reproduce results through innovation and here are some of the greatest insights we found.

Executives who inspire innovation:

  1. They are great at fostering Pro-social Motivation through Perspective Taking.
    Their teams are obsessed with gaining the perspective of their clients through empathetic lenses.
  2. They routinely survey and engage with their entire community.

    Not just customers, but employees, vendors, distributors, contractors, competitors, etc. Everybody’s voice is heard.

  3. Institutes a philosophy that everything is a process and a test.

    They do not accept where their product or service is at, they are always looking at was to improve it.

Innovation is achieved in the marketplace when the consumer is delivered to a more valuable destination than they anticipated.

Global Ascension Productions can help your team drive innovation by;

Cultivating a Culture of Creative Confidence

  1. Pro-social and Perspective-Taking Training
  2. Voice of Client Capture
  3. Third Party Survey Creation/Management/Collection/Analysis
  4. Focus Group Management and Moderation

Contact us and we will partner with you to elevate awareness in an effort to propel your industry forward.

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