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Close the Achievement GAP by Working with Our Team

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Eric Thompson
Executive Mentor, Creative Leadership Trainer, Speaker
Jamie Utt
Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
Joseph Blair
Social Intelligence Specialist, Organizational Leadership Expert, Speaker
Dolan Gadoury
Human Potential Advocate, Speaker, Branding Specialist

Dave Philips
Executive Mentor, Professional Speaker & Seminar Leader.
Justin Lewis
Author, Speaker, Communication and Leadership Development.
Leon QuanLeon Quan
Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Creative Consultant
Scott “Fireman” Robb
Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Music/Media Producer

D.J. Carrasco
Major League Baseball Player, Speaker on embracing adversity to cultivate significance
Dan Jaspersen
Dan Jaspersen
Mentalist, Magician, Speaker
Frank Velasquez Jr.
Speaker/Consultant and Founder of REV Sports Rehab & Athletic Development